The Holiday Barn: Where Overflowing Fun Meets Treasured Keepsakes

The Holiday Barn, an eclectic shop from the scenic coast of Maine, has been celebrating the holidays year-round with fascinating accessories for over a decade.

Holiday Barn Owner Jessica Weston (left) with Dee Dee from Katherine’s Collection 

Whether you're seeking a lucky St. Patrick's Day garland, frightful Halloween statements, or festive Christmas decor, the contemporary boutique brings lasting enjoyment to any occasion. 

"We're all about celebrations; family, friendship, fun, and just celebrating being together," beams The Holiday Barn owner Jessica Weston.

To help share the spirit of the holidays, the shop will be carrying Katherine's Collection for their third season this year. Remarking on their attention to detail and quality of work, they feature Katherine's for their "immersive," captivating style.

"It's almost a one-stop-shop; not only can you get the statement pieces, but the fill-in pieces too. It almost makes it a no-brainer; everything coordinates in a really cohesive design. We've had customers call us back and tell us how ecstatic they are with their purchase, and it's amazing to hear how happy they are with the quality of the product."
- Jessica Weston

As the demand for unique, handcrafted adornments thrives, Jessica explains her gratitude as a retailer not only for Katherine's valuable products, but their service as well. "Not only are they genuine, they feel like family; you feel close to them in a way that you know they're going to take care of you." 

No matter when you decide to check out The Holiday Barn, you'll find wondrous treasures from talented artists that bring the joys of every season to life, from the love at Valentine's Day to Easter bunnies at springtime.

Be sure to check out The Holiday Barn's website and Facebook page for their impressive collections and endless friendship, where every day is truly a celebration worth having.