Meet Melo, Director of Product Development for Katherine's Collection

More than twenty years ago, Melo Martinez first brought his passion and skills through the doors of Katherine's Collection.

Previously filling the role of Art Director, Melo now utilizes his talents as the company's Director of Product Development, ensuring that each theme forms a complete, cohesive display. 

A University of the Philippines graduate in Advertising and in Sculpture, a pop-culture painter, and even a dancer, Melo tells us that,

"Inspiration is everywhere, you just have to know when to use that inspiration." 

He is influenced by everyday fashion, hit movies, store windows, magazines, nature, and of course from his own experience, all while staying on top of evolving trends.

"The fashion industry is ever-changing and that's what's exciting about it. It challenges me, and I always push myself and my team to push the boundaries of display and design."

While Melo loves leading his team through the industry's hurdles, the greatest reward comes from seeing each product come alive from start to finish.

"Everything you buy for your home has a source, and for me that is the magic; seeing things happen, things being made, and people loving what they do."

Melo is grateful to bring his range of artistic talents and direction to the Katherine's team, who believe in bringing passion to all that they accomplish.

"When you have that great combination of design and customer service, that's a recipe for success, and I think [Katherine's] has stayed on top for so long because we have that right combination. I feel blessed that I work in a company and in an industry like this. It's nurtured me for many years."

Don't miss the exquisite work of Melo Martinez as he continues to bring his style to the upcoming lines at Katherine's Collection.