The Katherine's Collection Design: 100 Hours from Idea to Doll

Each treasure created by Katherine’s Collection is an original, handcrafted piece, and their distinguished dolls are no exception.

It takes over one hundred hours to bring just one Katherine’s doll to life, and every designer has a hand in their creation.

Step 1: Research and Drawing

Before the artists dive into sculpting, sewing, or even sketching, hours of research goes into developing an overall theme. Inspiration from movies, runway shows, history, and so much more goes into creating a display that flows together. Using inspiration boards to show the line's vision, the team draws up the framework for a grand collection of original artwork. After 22 hours of brainstorming, the unique dolls are ready to be brought to life.

The doll is where it starts. We all come together to select the color, the story, every aspect to create the theme that will connect each piece in that collection.
— Kellie, Designer

Step 2: Costume Development

After the team creates a cohesive theme, it's time to draw up illustrations for the dolls and their elaborate costumes. Our talented pattern-makers take those illustrations and sew them into real garments by hand, often just from looking at a picture. By the time they've been trimmed and decorative details have been applied, 33 hours of meticulous work has gone into each doll's costume development.

The amount of work and time dedicated to every single item we create is inspiring. We do not cut costs anywhere and use only the best resin, fabrics, and accessories.
— Donna, Pattern Maker

Step 3: Sculpting and Painting

With exquisite costumes in the works, it's time to create the handmade dolls that they will soon adorn. Character sketches and drawings of the expressive faces set the framework for the final products. Starting with a smaller scale model to visualize the faces in 3D, the sculptor hand-sculpts every face, and the painter hand-paints every component of the figures. After a dedicated 50 hours of work, the dolls have been sculpted, painted, and are ready for final touches.

Each season is something new, and that is exciting. It’s a give-and-take cooperative attempt to really do something different.
— Tom, Sculptor

Step 4: Trim and Finishing

With the core work completed, the dolls are examined, poured over, and perfected for another ten hours. After over 100 hours of total design time, the team of artists at Katherine's Collection are ready to present the beloved dolls that will enhance our homes for seasons to come.

Seeing it all put together, from those hand-drawn concepts to the very end, is where it gets exciting.
— Deb, Creative Director

The designers spend an incredible amount of time and care bringing every Katherine's doll to life. Pulling from the ever-evolving industry and their own creative freedom, the artists work together to develop the dolls we know and love today.

Be sure to look online for more detailed creations by the Katherine's team, and check out our Meet our Artists page to find out more about our designers.