Meet Carol, New Designer for Katherine's Collection

Carol Volpe-Yagersz comes to us at Katherine's Collection with impressive experience and an abundance of passion in the world of design.

She began sewing as a young child, sketching and creating her own Halloween costumes and exploring many forms of art. Years later, after earning a degree in Fashion Design and Merchandising from Kent State University, she took an internship at Zac Posen in New York City, followed by seven years of creating wedding gowns for Vera Wang. 

Starting at Katherine's Collections in February 2017, Carol focuses mainly on sewing and pattern making, but has dabbled in painting, trimming costumes, and many other steps in the design process, giving her the independence she craves in the industry.

"I love the freedom to be super creative and really use your imagination. At Katherine's Collection, there aren't limits when it comes to how far you can go; it's okay to think outside the box here and that really drew me toward Katherine's."

With this freedom comes the ability to find inspiration, not only in personal interests, but in the world around us.

"I find inspiration in old movies, and the theater, but ever since I started working for Katherine's I see things differently in my every day life too, I see details I never noticed before."

While Carol enjoys the diversity of her new career at Katherine's, there is one time of year she is looking forward to the most.

"My favorite holiday is Halloween . . . so I'm looking forward to doing any Halloween-related projects, but I also don't want to rush it. I've been doing Christmas right now, so I'm just enjoying the ride and appreciating other holidays while I wait for that chance."

Stay updated on our newly released themes as Carol uses her unique creativity and dedication to bring the upcoming holidays to life.