Rustic Stuff Conquers Christmastime with Rugged Sophistication and Unparalleled Prestige

Rustic Stuff opened their doors as a furniture shop 25 years ago, but after introducing their inspiring Christmas tree displays, they knew they had a phenomenon on their hands.

What started as a few trees has grown into a complete holiday conversion, creating 35 different vignettes that show how dozens of trees would look in a home setting. 

Customers that know of Rustic Stuff's holiday takeover have already begun arriving to witness its six-week transformation. By November first, an impressive open house will reveal the finished displays over a five day event, complete with crafty classes, jewelry shows, and of course, Santa himself. 

Nine times out of ten we create our own themes and color mixes and ideas, things you’ve never seen or thought you would see for Christmas.
— Paul Folk, owner of Rustic Stuff

"It's unbelievable, people fly in from all over the country to visit our store. There's a line at the front door that almost wraps around the building, and it stays that way for five straight days," explains owner Paul Folk.

Paul reveals that they steer clear of the most popular products from vendors to guarantee their exceptional selection, and they make sure to stop by Katherine's first. "The creativity in their presentation, the details, the quality of their work, they make incredible stuff."

Rustic has carried Katherine's merchandise since 1997, and Paul can attest to the importance of presentation and completeness. "When you find something you like, don't piecemeal it; jump in with both feet, commit to it, do it right, and you'll be amazed with the end result."

While Rustic Stuff continues to bring the holidays to life, customers can not only enjoy the vibrant themes during the transition, but can also take advantage of fantastic deals on furniture that won't be a part of the upcoming vignettes.

Stop in Rustic Stuff in Scottsdale, Arizona for magical scenes and inviting, versatile, and timeless furnishings year-round, and stay tuned for more of Katherine's Collection's featured retailers, coming soon.