The Bare Bones of Halloween Decor: Skeletons Across The Collections

Every autumn, Katherine's creates original decor for our fellow Halloween lovers, pouring our passion for the season into every piece. 

Among Katherine's exquisite Halloween designs are one-of-a-kind skeletons, whose captivating and diverse styles can be found throughout the varying spooky themes. 

Whether you are planning a midnight bash, or preparing your home for eager Trick-or-Treaters, these classic skulls with a spirited twist are essential for this season's decor.


Skeleton dolls parade throughout the collections, taking center stage as some of Katherine's most beloved artwork. Some boast dynamic colors and wild accessories, while others offer grand sophistication or thrilling darkness.

Bride/Groom Dearly Departed from Frida Love

Lucretia Caravello from Venetian Masquerade

Catrina Figures from Frida Love


Wall Decor

Grandiose wall decor will make an exciting statement with intricate details, fantastic hues, and skeletons that are literally bursting from their frames.

Gold Skeleton Framed Mirror from Venetian Masquerade

Venetian Scroll Skull from Venetian Masquerade

Creature Crawling Out of Frame from Family Portrait

Elaborate Skull Masks from Frida Love



Tabletop pieces are essential for any gathering, and these bony bodies are ready to create conversations at family feasts, adorn end tables in sitting rooms, and welcome guests into eerie entrance halls.

Pile of Skulls from Family Portrait

Skull Bust on Stand from Family Portrait

Skull Scroll Box from Venetian Masquerade


Venetian Overlay from Venetian Masquerade


Playful, yet practical accessories are sure to impress at any gathering, enhancing functional pieces with an unforgettable, one-of-a-kind style that you can use again and again.

Venetian Wine Tassel from Venetian Masquerade

Skull Vase from Frida Love

Gold Spine Pillar Candle Holder from Venetian Masquerade

Ornaments, Ribbons and More

Bone-filled ornaments are the perfect addition to any room, with nature-inspired skulls, multi-use ribbons, and charming pieces even your littlest ghouls will love.

Rhinestone Skull Brooch from Venetian Masquerade

Frida Skull Ribbon from Frida Love

Gingerbread Skeleton Ornaments from Tricky Treats

Skull Peony Black/White from Family Portrait

The selection of skulls and skeletons found in this year's Halloween line offer something for every occasion, from vibrant wall art, to elaborate dolls, and eerie designs that will make your space frighteningly fun.

To check out even more fantastical creepy adornments, look online at Katherine's complete Halloween line.