Meet Mena, Designer for Katherine’s Collection

While one might assume a product begins with a sketch, Mena’s work with Katherine’s Collection creates a whole new step in the design process.

Before any theme is created, Mena spends countless hours researching. “Before we decide on any concept, whether it’s for holiday or everyday, we first start with research. I research historical time periods, fabrics, even stories. This can determine the colors and fabrics we will use to fit within our theme.”

Finding inspiration in many places, all of this research creates the basis for each doll, pulling everything she finds into one costume. “Themes can come from many places, color concepts, a picture we find, even the pattern on a wall.”

When I am doing the costume drawing and pulling all of the research together, that’s where I get the most joy. Finding and making everything come together is the challenge of it, but it’s also what I enjoy the most.
— Mena

A former art instructor who focused on drawing and life-drawing, Mena has always loved art and her eyes light up when she talks about seeing a beautiful painting. “I enjoy looking at current, modern painters. I like looking at art in the community or in history books. I love studying other artists, local and national.” 

She finds the mixing of her passion for art and her work at Katherine’s Collection to be complementary. “I try to stay aware of things going on around me and in the community. Here you get ideas that can impact a painting and vice versa.”

Since 1999, Mena has merged the attention to detail from her research into the sketches she produces. We are delighted at all the talent she brings the team at Katherine's Collection.