Frida Kahlo's Spirited Style Comes to Life through 'Frida Love'

Katherine's Collection just released this year's innovative line of unforgettable home decor fit for any occasion.

Among the modern themes is the exceptional Frida Love line. Many of the pieces radiate with color, while others celebrate the traditions of Halloween and Dia de los Muertos with a darker, more intense motif. All, however, stay true to Frida Kahlo's rare and exhilarating style.

Born in Mexico City in 1907, Kahlo preferred traditional dress and jewelry with vibrant colors, mismatched patterns, and a fierce determination for expressing herself. After a childhood bout with polio and a bus accident that left her severely injured at eighteen, she began painting self-portraits and other scenes to connect with the passions in her life. She was politically active, romantically daring, and unapologetic about themes such as physical suffering, pregnancy, and even death. 

Her surrealist work brings to life the possibility of a genre so universal its only requirement is full and honest expression of spirit. She strove to create a positive perspective on beauty, and this approach continues to plant seeds of inspiration for international designers to this day, including names such as Marc Jacobs and Dolce & Gabbana.

At Katherine's, we wanted to honor Kahlo's love for traditional culture and self-empowerment. The Frida Love collection features both dark, festive decor such as ornamental spiders and bats, as well as captivating skeletal adornments that flaunt a brilliant use of color and surrealist designs. Focusing on Dia de los Muertos, the collection serves to celebrate Kahlo's life with contemporary takes on the traditional sugar skulls, or calaveras de azucar, with intricately framed busts, detailed masks, and other memorable accessories.

Join the top designers and culture-rich locals that have already become inspired by Frida Kahlo's style, and check out the Frida Love line at Katherine's Collection.