There's Suddenly Nothing Shy about Blushing Rose Gold


The undeniably classic color, rose gold, is sweeping the design world as the most brilliant and inspiring shade of the year.

This timeless antique is a stunning alloy created by mixing copper and gold, and was originally known as luxurious "Russian gold" after its royal popularity in the 19th century. Making its way to the U.S. in the 1920s, the hue is now reemerging to offer a chic trend fit for all areas of design.

This time around, the color boasts a softer, more blushing pink tone, and pairs well with light neutrals for an elegant pop in any space. Providing versatility in decorating, it can also easily act as a warm neutral against your already colorful palette, or with other metallic finishes to offer both stunning modernism and warmhearted nostalgia.

Celestial Fantasy

We are loving the opportunity to incorporate this unique, romantic hue into our newest creations here at Katherine's Collection. Sweeping through our contemporary themes such as BotanicaCelestial Fantasy, and Happily Ever After, this shade is a must-have for any stylish interior design.

The color thrives as an accent piece, but incorporates well into everything from light fixtures, to furniture trim, kitchenware, small hardware pieces, and even comfortable decor such as pillows and throws. What we love even more about rose gold is that it pairs ingeniously with the trendy metallics already found in your designs, kicking tradition up a notch for a look that's more impressive than ever. 

Be sure to check out Katherine's Collection for more ideas on how to liven up your home with unforgettable rose gold.