Collections at Christmastime: Themes to Meet Your Every Dream

The brilliant collections at Katherine's brings the magic of the season to life for any collector during this time of celebration.

Every extraordinary gathering begins with a unique, attractive setting, where one-of-a-kind details are sure to make an unforgettable impression. Whether you're sticking with a traditional theme, or decking your halls with less conventional decor, Katherine's ornaments and statement pieces will help create the ideal ambience for your holiday party.


Strong reds and deep greens complement the classics of season, from exquisite Santas, to festive elves, and brilliant angels. Use the Renaissance influence of the Angels theme, the noble nutcrackers of Imperial Guardsmen, or the charm of the Noel collection to complete your holiday affair.



Adorn your home with accessories of fantastical whimsy for a playful atmosphere that encourages exploration. Collections such as the sophisticated Christmas Journey, inspired Woodlanders, enchanting Happily Ever After, and colorful Kissing Fish will bring never-before-seen cheer to your party's story. 


Winter Wonderland

Bring the magical elements of the season indoors with Katherine's assortment of nature-inspired accessories. The stunning white and gold motif of Royal White Christmas and the silvery blues of Azure Ice will bring delightfully snowy scenes to your home.


Yearlong Treasures

Mystical tones and versatility create fantastic displays that tell their story year-round. The Botanica and Tapestry lines feature organic designs, while Pirouette and Celestial Fantasy offer elegant and imaginative pieces. These themes make ideal decor for the Christmas season, and beyond.


Whatever your style, Katherine's offers a complete collection of fantastical accessories and festive decorations perfect for any occasion this season.

Be sure to check out Katherine's extensive holiday assortment for more unique inspiration and unforgettable displays.