Meet Lindsay, Innovative Artist for Katherine's Collection

Talented fashion designer, Lindsay Sustin, rounds the corner toward her second year as an artist for Katherine's Collection.

From illustrations for tabletop designs, to running social media platforms, Lindsay does a little bit of everything to help create Katherine's acclaimed pieces.

"My biggest role would be costumes for the dolls. I illustrate and sew the costumes, and then trimming is a big part of it too, applying all of the decorative elements like the gemstones to the pieces."

As she continues to bring forward-thinking ideas to the Katherine's team, Lindsay witnesses the work she's done develop into collections to be proud of, especially this time of year.

"I'm actually a collector of different Halloween decor, so to me its really fun to develop the items here because they're so different from everything else that you see; what we do here is so detailed and intricate, and there's a story behind everything."

Lindsay graduated in 2012 with a Bachelor's in Fashion Design, and landed an internship in New York City before joining the team at Katherine's. 

She finds fresh inspiration in everything around her, from books, magazines, to runway shows, but still makes sure to incorporate unique vintage and historical influences into her designs.

"I was always interested in art. For me, fashion design was a way to channel art into a way that was more functional for every day. I like how you get to take any inspiration and apply it to things people can put in their homes and enjoy."

Look out for Lindsay and her passion for fashion as she brings her innovative style and love of the craft to Katherine's Collection.