Chip-or-Treat at Granny Ballreich’s Retail Store and Historical Tour

Ballreich Bros., Inc. opened their long-awaited retail store last year in Tiffin, Ohio, celebrating nostalgia in the former Ballreich family home itself.

Emma "Granny" Ballreich

Ballreich Bros., Inc. was founded in 1920, producing only fourteen pounds of potato chips a day from their garage operation. Demand for their admired snacks rose quickly, and the company eventually grew into a family business complete with a factory built behind the Ballreichs' homes.

Now, the family and town honors almost one hundred years of delicious snack-making with their new store, Granny Ballreich's. The space features their heavenly products alongside a taste of history and even a behind-the-scenes virtual tour for a look into production. 

"Our store is unique because it not only showcases our award-winning snack food products, but also specialty items like clothing, toys, and beautiful items from Katherine’s Collection. The store was opened to showcase the history of Ballreich’s, sell fantastic products, and make memories for years to come." explains Marketing Executive, Deb Hellman.

Fred and Carl Ballreich brothers

Katherine's Collection took their place among the sensational displays when the store opened last September, just in time for the Halloween themes and bejeweled skulls that have become a Ballreich favorite. 

"We believe that there will always be demand for quality-made furnishings – people love to be able to purchase items that are fun and unique! Katherine’s Collection has been and continues to be a great addition to Granny Ballreich’s Company Store," says Deb.

For those outside of the Ohio area, Ballreich's products and gift baskets can be shipped to hungry patrons and other fans of the brand all over the world.

Stop in Granny B's to experience their one-of-a-kind history, gifts, and grub, and don't miss their Christmas Splendor open house November 3-6 for prizes and activities. 

Stay tuned for more of Katherine's Collection's featured retailers, coming soon.