6 Decor Tips to Coat Your Home in Harvest Warmth

Lord Weston Wheatly Doll

The summer's heat has made way for the shift into elegant autumn, and your home decor should reflect this enchanting change.

Take advantage of the peaceful transition by incorporating these cozy seasonal design tips:

  • Pay tribute to tradition with wreaths and other statement pieces, incorporating favorites like plump gourds and gobbling turkeys for an illustrious display.
  • Display a captivating focal point that stands out among your other arrangements, providing an unforgettable conversation piece that will capture the essence of the season.

Sir Terrance De Plume Turkey

Autumn Pumpkin Stack

Autumn Wine Tassel

Hanging Autumn Fruit 11-540152

Hanging Autumn Fruit

  • Replace everyday items with festive accessories for an exceptional impression that brings harvest charm to each aspect of your home.
  • Celebrate this time of year by bringing elements of nature indoors, selecting items inspired by warm fruits, berries, and foliage for a natural feel that complements your style.
  • Spread warmth for you and your guests in any corner of your home with rich, trendy colors like burnt orange, deep red, and golden yellows in modern, textured accessories.
  • Impress with unique items that enhance your seasonal decor in chic style, utilizing eye-catching metallics and a modern take on handcrafted, vintage design.

Autumn's lovable charm can be captured in any room of your home with the right colors, textures, and unforgettable displays.

Radiate the elegance of the season with comfort and style by checking out more of Katherine's Autumn Tradition theme today.

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