Design Trends to Warm Up Your Home This Winter

Whether you are seeking a chic, inviting appeal or a rustic atmosphere, adding creative decor will help bring warmth to any space in your home this winter. 

Follow these design tips to evoke a snug charm perfect for the colder months:

Choose Brilliant Colors

  • Embrace cozy shades like deep reds and rich metallics like gold to cultivate a vibrant warmth that will inspire joy.
  • Explore a variety of greens and browns to encourage a natural, lively comfort.
  • Paint or adorn with intense hues that will offer an alluring contrast to neutral or wooden backgrounds. 
  • Play with the modern trend of applying monochromatic hues to walls, furnishings, and accessories.

Layer Patterns and Textures

  • Create an overall design with varying textures for a compellingly soft and layered appeal.
  • Make use of intriguing, cozy patterns such as plaid, faux bois, and tribal prints for stylish comfort.
  • Remove sheer or linen fabrics and instead combine heavier textiles like wool, cashmere, or velvet.
  • Utilize plenty of layers with cushioned quilts, throws, pillows, and rugs to invoke a welcoming ambiance.

Incorporate Expressive Details 

  • Hang a captivating mirror to reflect more natural light during the day, an lead into a soft glow at night with unique fixtures and candles.
  • Center your decor and furnishings around the fireplace, dress up the mantle, and display firewood within reach for cozy entertaining.
  • Bring in natural elements like seasonal foliage centerpieces, wreaths, or printed greenery for sophisticated earthiness.
  • Incorporate potpourri or candles in wintry scents like cinnamon or pine to stimulate more comforting senses.

Many homeowners want to feel blissful and cozy in their homes, especially as the coldest months of the year approach. Use these guidelines to create the warmth your home deserves and stay tuned to Katherine's Collections for more ideas on winter-inspired design.